Complex Migration

No more daily updates for this, as right now there isn't a lot to update on.  From the last post we determined that OpenUpgrade wasn't suitable and a different approach was needed.  Since then I've rapidly migrated and updated test coverage for the odoonz public repository.  Currently 13/22 public modules exceed 90% coverage.

Its always kind of humbling writing test cases in retrospect, especially for modules that you might have written nearly 10 years ago before you even knew what testing was. You

  • find bugs you never would have imagined,

  • naturally update code to be more testable,

  • realise how much simpler it would have been just to write the tests in the first place.

When I've written tests in the past, running them was always a pain, to the point where I'd just upload the code and let github do it.  I've found with Tecnativa's doodba project it is easy.

I've also worked out a much faster migration approach, and will start on that once the code is finalised in a couple of weeks.

Complex OpenUpgrade Migration
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