Developer Work Experience

Swanson, New Zealand

Unpaid work experience offering the opportunity for students to learn the skills they will need to pursue a development career in business applications.  O4SB maintains a number of public open source modules for extending Odoo, the worlds leading open source suite of business management applications.

This opportunity is primarily an introductory role, giving the opportunity to work on public free open source code with mentored support.  Starting with manual and then automated testing you'll learn how things fit together and the processes in a professional development workflow.  You'll learn what to test, how to test it and how to maintain those tests.  Documentation, version management and packaging will come later and there are many other aspects that you can work on if you choose.

To be successful you must be a New Zealand resident and preferably have completed at least 1 year towards a relevant Information Systems, Computer Science or Business degree and have a reasonable understanding of the New Zealand legal & business environment.  Familiarity with at least one programming language is essential, python preferred.  Linux is an advantage, although not necessary.

The work is casual, full training will be provided as well as ongoing support and reviews.  Provided you have your own laptop, and know how to use it you can work anywhere, anytime.  Offices are based in Albany and Swanson in Auckland. It's anticipated this work will run over the summer holidays, but it could start earlier or later depending on applicants and availability.

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What's great in the job?

  • Mentored by a highly experienced developer.
  • Choose when, where and how many hours you work.
  • Learn and work with Python, PostgreSQL, git, travis, and much more.
  • Gain relevant work experience to put you ahead of other graduates.
  • Learn how professional development works, source control, automated testing, continuous integration, maintainability and more.
  • Possible paid work on commercial code base or even a fulltime paid position.